Wednesday, October 21, 2009


While the sun is shining I've been outside doing some yardwork.  The main task at the moment is clearing the tennis court and getting it ready for the summer season.  Although it is situated in a delightful setting, the many trees surrounding the court provide plentiful shade during winter, allowing moss to grow on the artificial surface.  Clearing the moss can be a challenge and I have the blisters to prove it.  There are also weeds which grow in the broken down pine needles and wattle seeds that must be cleared too.  It is a huge task and usually takes about a week.
Our neighbour who saw me hard at work on the weekend suggested that we dig the tennis court up and grow vegetables.  An orchard of fruit trees rather appeals to me!  It's an interesting idea and one day it might happen, when we are too old to play tennis perhaps.
While taking a photo this morning I thought I'd add some of our Norwegian Maple tree which is flowering and has new leaf shoots.  It is so pretty against the dark background of the pine trees.