Thursday, October 15, 2009


Christmas 2005

With older sister Jasmine, Christmas 2006

With Auntie, November 2007

With best friend Shelby, May 2008

Christmas 2008

With her brother Angus, April 2009

My niece Amber is turning 18 tomorrow.  Watching her develop from a young girl to a delightful young woman has been just lovely.   These photos have been taken over a period of four years so you can see part of this transition for yourselves.  Amber's nickname is "Bambi" and she is the second youngest of Tanya's children.

Last year, in Bellagio, Italy, I bought her a small amber cross.  For her 18th birthday I have bought her a pretty silver chain so can she can wear her namesake again as her old chain broke.

Tomorrow I hope to bring you some photos of Amber's birthday party.